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Product GOST R certificate of compliance is intended for certifying a consignment of goods delivered to Russia by the importing company, or imported batch products. In the first case the certificate is registered for the company supplying the products to the Russian market. The term of the russian certificate validity depends on the provisions of the sales contract. In the second case it is a foreign manufacturing company, which declares and receives a GOST R certificate of compliance for delivered goods. A russian certificate of this type is effective during the term indicated in the GOST R certification document. Legalization of the certified product is carried out by the Russian experts at the manufacturer's facilities. A correspondence GOST R certificate of compliance for batch production is issued based on the laboratory tests of the product samples.


Product russian certificates of quality can be issued only on availability of the additionally required GOST R certification documents: a hygiene certificate, a veterinary certificate, a fire safety certificate, etc. An GOST R certificate of compliance is issued with reference to the above-indicated documents.

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